Meet Our Team

dave marlon

David Marlon

Mr. Marlon received his Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Economics from the State University of New York and his Masters of Business Administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Mr. Marlon has 20 years of healthcare industry experience, most recently serving as Vice President Western Region, Operations, Sierra Health Services Inc.

Mr. Marlon oversees all aspects of business operations for Solutions Recovery, Inc. including, business development and corporate management, among other duties.

In addition to his responsibilities with Solutions Recovery, Inc., Mr. Marlon also founded The Solutions Foundation, a Nevada nonprofit corporation created to combat substance abuse by providing education and awareness regarding addictive behavior, preventative methods and the impact of substance abuse in respect to economic, physical and social consequences. He also serves on the Board of Directors for H.E.L.P. of Southern Nevada.


Solutions Recovery, by David Marlon

For most of my drinking life, I thought that my problem was alcohol. I had no real idea of concepts like serenity, peace, living in harmony with life and others. Recovery for me has been a gateway to true joy like I have never known and it has nothing to do with alcohol or drugs although I remain abstinent.

For me it has been a completely new design for life. Instead of me asking life and others what do you have for me, I have changed my perspective to what can I do for others. This frame change has improved perspectives and outcomes in every aspect of my life. I have learned that balance is a key for an emotional, sometimes immature person like me.

Balance is the following: exercise, diet and nutrition, spending time in the outdoors, being of service, improving my relationships, having fun in sports and recreational activities, relaxing and lastly maintaining and deepening my spirituality. Have you considered each of these things and which ones you need to spend more time on?

Mike Adams

Mike Adams

Clinical Director
Mr. Adams received his Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Colgate University and his Master’s of Social Work from Arizona State University.Mr. Adams is a licensed social worker with more than 35 years of experience as a clinician and administrator of addiction and mental health programs. Mr. Adams has also served on numerous boards and committees for public and private organizations, advocating for the addictions and mental health services.

Mr. Adams oversees all aspects of clinical operations for Solutions Recovery, Inc. Mr. Adams is a competitive volleyball player, competing on local and national levels.

Jessica Poole

Jessica Poole


Ms. Poole graduated from the Professional Career Development Institute in Georgia with a degree in Medical Billing. She has 9 years of experience in dealing with Insurance companies in regards to medical contracts and payments.

As the Financial Officer of Solutions Recovery, Ms. Poole writes contracts for the Intensive Outpatient Program as well as the Residential Treatment Program.

She also works with the State Co-Occurring Program offered at Solutions Recovery.

Ms. Poole enjoys spending time with her family and friends along with her two dogs.

leilany big

Leilany Geba


What brought you to work at Solutions Recovery?

To expand my knowledge in billing in a different field, also to have a better understanding of dealing with the people who in recovery. I have family members who were going through drug addiction and I’m hoping I can learn a better way to approach and help them.

addiction help

Rosalie “Kit” Mayer

Contract Specialist

What brought you to work at Solutions Recovery?

I came to Solutions Recovery Inc for my own personal reasons. In my past relationships have been dealing with the people that I care and love, with this disease. I want to understand more about the disease, treatment and for myself to learn how to cope.